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Camp Amplify is powered by capable, caring, passionate volunteers and generous people of faith. People like you!  As a Camp Amplify Counselor or Volunteer, you have a unique opportunity to make a permanent difference in the lives of many youth campers. Please submit the form below to begin the application process to partner with us as a Camp Counselor. After it is reviewed, someone from Camp Amplify will be in touch with you.

Counselor Testimonies

If you are contemplating joining us as a camp counselor, please watch these two powerful video testimonies from some of our great counselors.

Camp Amplify Pre-Qualification Form

Please fill out and submit the following form. This information will be securely submitted to Camp Amplify leaders and you will be contacted after it is reviewed.

    General Information

    Are you a US Citizen?

    If not, is it legal for you to work in the US?

    Social Media Accounts

    Matters of Faith

    Counseling Details and Personal/Leadership Qualities

    Camp Amplify requires all staff members to attend staff training, date & time TBA
    Payment for a week includes room and board:
    Counselor: $200/week ($50 bonus for each additional year, up to $300 maximum)
    Counselor in Training (CIT): Learning position, not monetarily compensated.
    Volunteer/Missionary: Not monetarily compensated

    Camp Amplify performs a background check on all Counselor, Counselor in Training, and Volunteer applicants to ensure the safety of our campers. Do you agree to allowing Camp Amplify to perform a background check?

    What summer staff position are you applying for? (Feel free to contact with questions
    and full job descriptions.)

    What is your strongest quality and why?

    What is your weakest quality and why?


    Please share how you live your life according to the below. (These issues are relevant to our summer youth).

    What are your views on?

    Personal References

    Please give your Pastor (or Youth Pastor) and two other non-family references below. We will contact these references as part of your potential service.

    Medical Information

    I am allergic to the following:

    Please read the following medical, liability and image release. Below it, you can enter you name if you agree with the terms, and if you verify that all information given is true to the best of your knowledge

    Medical and Liability and Image Release

    The undersigned represents to Camp Amplify, a non-profit organization, that he/she is the legal guardian and natural parent or the legal guardian of the above named child; and the undersigned does hereby consent to such minor taking part in the Camp Amplify, with full understanding that insofar as such activity will involve but is not limited to traveling to and from camp in vans or busses, traveling to and from camp during staff breaks, eating food prepared by camp staff or local restaurants, swimming, horseback riding, camp sports, archery, that there is always the risk of injury, illness, loss, death, and possible consequent expenses for the medical, diagnostic, and curative treatments, and incidental loss and expense, and the undersigned does for him/herself and for and on behalf of such minor assume the risk of such expense and does hereby wholly release Camp Amplify and any representative from any responsibility or liability; and waives any claims or causes of action against it or its agents that might rise on account of loss, injury, death, or expense occasioned by any sort of accident or any other circumstances involving such child, and agrees to hold harmless in event any such claim should arise; and the undersigned agrees to abide by the rules and regulations, supervision and discipline set applied by Camp Amplify and its agents, and does hereby authorize Camp Amplify or its representatives or other agents arrange for any needed medical treatment or x-rays, and hold harmless Camp Amplify from any such expenses. The undersigned will reimburse Camp Amplify fully or furnish payment or insurance for any such payment, at his or her own expense. The undersigned also agrees to pay in full for any property damage caused by his/her own child. Permission is also given to the camp medical personnel to administer over the counter medication to the above-named child as needed. The undersigned also gives permission to Camp Amplify to use any image, video or written material that the above named child is in or wrote. Images and videos will be used for the sole purpose of promoting the camp and not for financial gain.

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    Note: In order to complete your application as a Camp Counselor or Volunteer, the following form with information will be required. You may go ahead and download and print the full application and fill it out at home.

    Please attach a copy of your drivers license to the application when you submit it.

    Camp Amplify will perform a background check on all Counselor and Volunteer applicants to ensure the safety of our campers.