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Camp Amplify is powered by capable, caring, passionate volunteers and generous people of faith. People like you!  Camp Amplify would not function without our numerous needs being met by the kindness and generosity of others. Many of our needs are centered around our yearly Summer Camp. However, there are opportunities for you to be involved all year round. Please scroll through this page to learn of some of the opportunities available to partner with us as we reach youth with the love of Jesus. Thank you in advance for your heart to serve others by partnering with Camp Amplify.

Volunteer and join our camp staff

We welcome individuals, but maybe your family takes a summer mission trip. If so, please consider Camp Amplify as your family’s summer mission one year! We would be honored, and the campers would surely be blessed by your obedience.

Please know that YOU, as a volunteer, are quite literally the hands and feet of Jesus and could be the only Jesus they see. You are an integral part of what we do…We Need You!

We do all we can to match volunteers with the tasks and needs that best match their abilities and skills. There is no such thing as a typical day at Camp Amplify, but here are some common activities that our volunteers perfom to help serve our campers:

Setting up/taking down tables and chairs

Being Bus Captains when we travel


Helping with crafts and games


Helping at meals to make sure children eat


Helping with snacks


Helping with t-shirt distribution


Helping with setting up prior to camper arrival


Helping watch campers during pool and lake times

While there are so many things to help with we want our team to know that we will not have you working all the time, and there will be times of relaxing and you are welcome to do activities with the campers. We want this to be fun for our Mission Teams and there will be a lot of interaction with everyone on staff.

Your only cost is $250 to help us offset the expenses of meals, lodging, t shirt, etc.

If you are interested in joining our Summer Camp as a volunteer or counselor, please fill out the online application.

Fill a Cabin Campaign

Camp Amplify is a 100% scholarship-based camp. Our first camp last summer was a great success – lives were changed!

Our next summer camp is fast approaching. Our goal is to fill 20 cabins! We think our “Fill-A-Cabin” program is a perfect way for you to help us make a difference in these young lives.

We invite you, your family, or any group you have influence over (civic organization, club, church, your company, etc.) to help us fill 20 cabins with kids who need a break this summer.

Create and Donate Cabin Kits

Campers frequently forget or simply may not own some basic hygiene items that you and I take for granted. Putting together a pack for one or more campers is a way to meet a basic need in a simple and dignified manner. Please consider making this a mission project for your home church, Sunday School Class, or other oganization you may be a part of or have influence over.

For each Cabin Kit, please provide travel sizes of the items below in a clear 1-gallon size zip lock bag:




Hairbrush (girls) or Comb (boys)


Travel sized toothbrush (with cap/cover) and toothpaste


Bar Soap




Shampoo and Conditioner

A handwritten note of encouragement for their camp experience and a reminder that you are praying for them.

Pray for Us!

At Camp Amplify, as we look to the future, we have some needs that we would like to ask you to pray about. We know that God will meet these needs in his timing as we seek to be obedient with what He provides.



For more campers to attend and for many more to come to Christ


Permanent camp location

donation of existing camp or land donation


Medical staff person

Sports injury professional, Nurse


Equipment Donations

kitchen, musical, audio/visual, entertainment


Branded marketing materials

pens/pads, shirts, water bottles, etc.