Camp Amplify Summer Camp

Learn about what takes place at Camp Amplify…and why!

We share Faith, Hope, and Love with under-served children ages 8 to 12 through week long, overnight, summer camps. The greatest of these is love.

What sort of great activities do our campers get to enjoy at Camp Amplify? Rather than try to list out all the fun, we invite you to watch these video overviews from last year’s Camp Amplify summer camp. We think you will agree that this is a truly fun and unique summer camp experience!

What to bring

Below is a list of itmes your camper will need to pack when attending Camp Ampify:

A pillow
Sleeping bag or twin sheets w/blanket
Shorts and tees for week
At least one swim suit
Athletic shoes needed, flip flops will be handy
One older set of clothes and shoes for mud run (if possible)
Toiletries for week
Any needed medications (will be checked in)

Our Camp Model – Community Partners

Camp Amplify works in partnership with local social organizations to help identify potential campers in the 7-12 year old range. Typically, these local community partners are Boys and Girls Clubs, local schools, churches, or other civic organizations. Our community partners are the responsible party who bring their campers to Camp Amplify.

Our local partners are also expected to accompany their campers at Camp Amplify. They are familiar faces during our camp, yet we rely on our community partners for very little during camp. This provides a great opportunity to “recharge their batteries” in a fun setting. In fact, it has been our experience that our partners receive much needed ministry as well.

After camp is over, the relationship between the community partners and our campers is expected to continue and deepen, providing much needed followup discipleship. Camp Amplify staff remain in touch with our community partners as well. These ongoing relationships help to extend and deepen the impact of Camp Amplify throughout the year.

This past July, The Tarvers invited youth from my Boys & Girls Club to attend their week-long summer camp, Camp Amplify. We were new to the summer camp experience, so were unsure what exactly to expect. Our children and staff were met with so much love and support, and that love and support has extended well past that week of camp.

Grayson Martin
Vestal Boys and Girls Club Program Director

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