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Camp Amplify serves the less fortunate and underprivileged youth in our community. As such, the participation costs and fees for these youth to attend Camp Amplify are 100% scholarship funded. Campers never pay a dime to attend Camp Amplify. The number one source for these scholarship funds are generous donors who understand and believe in the mission of Camp Amplify. Donors like yourself!

Invest in the lives of youth

We are praying for the Lord to provide 100 campers. Camp Amplify’s hard cost is $600 per camper for the duration of our 5-day Summer Camp. Would you please consider sponsoring a child’s camp costs for the week? Or perhaps you may feel led to sponsor a child for one or more days for the cost of $120 for each day. No matter what amount or destination you choose, please know that your funds are going towards the impact of youth for Jesus!

The most direct and effective means of donating to Camp Amplify is via our easy, secure, online giving tool hosted by Givelify. We have provided a number of predefined donation levels for you to choose from. Or, if the Lord has laid a specific amount on your heart, you may enter your own amount. You can then complete your donation online via a credit or debit card of your choosing. You can then choose whether your donation goes to our “Fill a Cabin” campaign, or if you wish to donate the funds to wherever they are needed most.

Thank you for partnering with us to impact the youth of our community. It is our prayer that God will richly bless you many times over for your obedience and generosity.

Amazon Wishlist for Camp Amplify

Another very easy and practical way to donate specific, needed items to Camp Amplify is to shop our Amazon Wishlist. We still have lots of  needed items in our Wishlist. When you purchase these items, they are delivered directly to us.

Simply click the Amazon logo to be taken directly to our Wishlist. Thank you in advance!